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In the course of building, packaging, and managing our pre-compiled binaries, we have developed several tools to make the process easier. The sbutils software build tool is used to build all software for installation to a dedicated directory. The pbutils package build tool is used to package the software for installation by the package management system. The pkgutils package installation tool is used to conveniently install the packages, regardless of the underlying package management system.

Unlike the rpm program which, with the aid of a single .spec file, provides similar functionality to the sbutils and pbutils programs, we developed individual tools to reduce the complexity and because we believe a tool should perform one function and perform it very well. The pkgutils program provides functionality similar to the Debian GNU/Linux apt-get tool but in a package-manager-independent manner.

In addition to the above, the wrapld tool was created to work around a deficiency in the linker on AIX and Tru64 UNIX where multiple "-blibpath/-rpath" options to the linker did not treat the options as additive.

All tools are licensed under the GNU General Public License.