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Evaluate Our Packages

If you currently manage your organization's installation of Open Source software and are interested in what we offer, follow the procedure below to sample the installation of some of our packages using our cross-platform package installation tool, pkgutils. The pkgutils tool is a requirement to install the eval packages.

Note: This is not an evaulation of all or even most of the packages we offer. It is simply an evaluation of our package installation and removal procedure and a sampling of the directory structure we use for our packages.

Sample packages are available for all of our supported platforms, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX in the native package manager format ("pkgadd" for Solaris, "depot" for HP-UX, "lpp" for AIX). Packages install into "/opt/TWWfsw" and are self-contained, easing the management of our 350+ applications. Online documentation exists for our package installation tool providing detailed instructions on using the pkg-inst program to install the packages from our remote repository, the pkg-rm program to remove packages, and the pkg-info program to list installed packages. The pkgutils package installation suite is cross-platform, saving you time and effort in learning the package installation tools provided with each platform.

Our solution provides the following advantages:

  • Cross-platform solution to managing Open Source software
  • Support for the major UNIX platforms
  • Support for the native package manager format
  • Continuity across platforms wrt package version, compilation options, and installation paths
  • Cross-platform tool to install, remove, and list packages
  • Security fixes, bug fixes, up-to-date releases
AIX 5.2
AIX 5.3
AIX 6.1
AIX 7.1
AIX 7.2
HP-UX 11.23/PA
HP-UX 11.23/IA
HP-UX 11.31/PA
HP-UX 11.31/IA
Redhat Ent. Linux 5/x86
Redhat Ent. Linux 5/x86_64
Redhat Ent. Linux 6/x86
Redhat Ent. Linux 6/x86_64
Redhat Ent. Linux 7/x86_64
Redhat Ent. Linux 8/x86_64
Redhat Ent. Linux 9/x86_64
Solaris 10/SPARC
Solaris 10/Intel
Solaris 11/SPARC
Solaris 11/Intel