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Evaluate Our Packages

Our cross-platform package installation tool must be installed prior to installation of the eval package. Root access is required to install the tool and the eval packages. To install, download pkgutils-1.6.20.rpm.tar and install as follows (assumes the file was downloaded to the /tmp directory):
  $ /bin/su
  # cd /tmp
  # tar xf pkgutils-1.6.20.rpm.tar
  # rpm -Uv TWWpkgutils16*.rpm

Package installation

To install the eval package and its dependencies:
  $ /bin/su
  # /opt/TWWfsw/bin/pkg-inst --login=eval --password=eval \
  --depot= --dist-ver=eval cvs tk

If a firewall is required for access to the Internet, the "--proxy-host=<host:port>", "--proxy-login=<login>", and "--proxy-password=<pass>" options will be needed. The "--proxy-host=<host:port>" option specifies the hostname and port of the proxy (e.g. --proxy-host=firewall:5053). If a login and password on the firewall are necessary, the last two options must be used (e.g. --proxy-login=firewall-login --proxy-password=firewall-password).

Package information

To display notes about the package and changelog information between previous releases and the current release:
  $ /opt/TWWfsw/bin/pkg-info --print=notes --print=changelog cvs tk

Package removal

To remove the eval package and its dependencies:
  $ /bin/su
  # /opt/TWWfsw/bin/pkg-rm --add-all-packages

AIX 5.2
AIX 5.3
AIX 6.1
AIX 7.1
AIX 7.2
HP-UX 11.23/PA
HP-UX 11.23/IA
HP-UX 11.31/PA
HP-UX 11.31/IA
RHEL 5/x86
RHEL 5/x86-64
RHEL 6/x86
RHEL 6/x86-64
RHEL 7/x86-64
RHEL 8/x86-64
RHEL 9/x86-64
Solaris 10/SPARC
Solaris 10/Intel
Solaris 11/SPARC
Solaris 11/Intel